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When was the last time you purchase a mattress ?

Have you ever used Totebed before ?

What other brands have you had previously ?

What mattress feature is important to you

How it feels ( plush / firm )

Health feature


Mattress look / design

If pain disturb my sleep, it is in my :

Neck / shoulder area


Hips / leg area

I don't have any pain

Why choose Totebed ?

Affordable price

On sale

Easy to install & practicality

Mattress feel & feature

Foam technology

No other reason, i love Totebed :)

The ideal mattress will cost me :

IDR 4 - 8 million

IDR 8 - 12 million

Price is not my concern

The most apprehensive part of selecting new mattress is :

Total expense

Sales people

The wait and delivery issue

Concern over whether of not it will work long for me.

IDR 2 - 4 million

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Internet Marketplace

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