Why Totebed ?


Every Single Parts of Totebed, Concern to Your Healthy Sleep.




Sanitized Treatment on its Foam ( Certified ).


Through a special treatment with an effect that prevents the growth of bacteria, microorganisms or fungi.

Sensotic Treatment on it’s Fabric.


Provides Solution to minimise sleep disorder caused by static electricity. Allows the electrical charges accumulated during the day activities to drain away, thus ensuring more complete rest, it helps you wake up feeling fresh even with less sleep. Static electricity is also said to trigger staining and hay fever because its nature to attract dust and pollen. Therefore, Sensotic also provide you the solution to protect your health against pollen.

Totebed Comes with Three Variety of Foam.


Soft Cloud Foam ( Super Soft Foam )

Distributing pressure evenly and promoting circulation, the Soft Cloud Foam radiates pressure from your body weight and counteracts against pressure sores. The foam ensures that your sleep uninterrupted in a perfect slumber. Soft Cloud Foam with contour layer provides 3 zone address and support different parts of the body, sustain the body weight optimally and adequately, generously benefiting your blood circulation and overall metabolism.


Visco i-Gel 

Is a high-tech foam that interacts continuously with temperature of the body and its interplay with microclimate around the surface. This allows for intuitive cooling of the mattress at all times. Carefully worked using the latest development technology, Visco iGel ensures individual comfort by absorbing body heat when too much create.


Tote-Lite comes with comfortable yet practical foam.

It can conforms spine position well while maintaining ideal temperature microclimate.


UltraCel® Support.

Engineered with the most advanced technology, high density with high resilience foam and fire retardant support, sourced from premium materials, UltraCel® spoiling you with a feeling of utmost satisfaction that only a good night’s rest can create.

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