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Why "All in One Comfortable" Tote Bed ?

Unlike the other mattress that you can find in the market, all in one comfortable Tote Bed comes with vacuumed plastic with box. The mattress can be folded inside, and carried everywhere. And its practicality and space saving will not compromise with comfort! You will still be able to sleep comfortable, anywhere you want.

This Tote Bed is equipped with space-age hi technology, and this will ensure you to have extra comfort, support, and durability. Thanks to its Royal Foam. What is royal foam anyway? It was a technology firstly manufactured in 1979, using high technology machineries. Its production process, even until now, is also combined with highly efficient technological application system. Thus, Royal Foam has been known to provide us the innovative polyurethane foam solutions in every product that serves consumers in all around the world.

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