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Three types of Best Millenials Mattress.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

All in one Comfortable Tote Bed comes in three varieties of foam.

First, there’s super soft foam, or also called as soft cloud foam. This will distribute the pressure of your body evenly. It can promote circulation, because soft cloud pressure radiates pressure from the body weight and fight against pressure sores. It can sustain your body weight perfectly.

Next, Visco i-Gel. This is known as hi-tech foam that can interact nonstop with your body temperature and microclimate around the surface. And what does that mean? It can intuitively cool the mattress all the times. Visco i-Gel will absorb your body heat, so you can sleep comfortably.

Last, there’s Tote-Lite. This comes with practical yet still comfortable foam. What makes this cool is, it can conform your spine position perfectly and at the same time maintain the ideal temperature microclimate.

For the enhancement layer, Tote Bed also comes with UltraCel. This foam was manufactured with the most advanced technology. It comes with high resilience as well as high density technology that comes from premium materials. Thus, you can have the most satisfying good night’s rest.

Now rest assured. If you want something practical, simple, yet highly comfortable all in one comfortable Tote Bed will be your solution.

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